Jim Ross

Project Director

Jim has 30 years’ experience in Construction Management, Project Management and Project Supervision within the power, coal, alumina, cement, chemical oil/gas, sugar and magnesium sectors and for both onshore and offshore projects.

He is experienced in piping, carbon/stainless steel, pressure vessels, inclusive of oil/gas installations and compressors, above/underground oil piping installations, tanks, Materials Handling Equipment, Wharf infrastructure and equipment, structural integrity inspections and repairs, plus Ship-loaders / unloaders/ Trippers and conveyor systems.

His extensive experience in HDPE poly pipe work design and installations plus, HDPE liner for the use in GEO -TANK design and installations throughout Australia (for a range of chemicals for bulk storage facilities) includes trouble shooting potential leak paths and recommendations for repair or retro-fitting a better solution to existing geo tanks.