Wave offers clients a wide range geotechnical design and site services for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Our Geotechnical  team is experienced in technical, contractual, and regulatory review of geotechnical, geological, hydrological, hydrogeological, constructability and safety aspects of civil and mine infrastructure designs, levees, borrow pit development, tunnels, bridge foundations, roads, railways, and other infrastructure.

We provide innovative foundation and ground treatment solutions, undertake geotechnical designs and analysis of heavy foundations, site classifications for foundation designs, bearing capacity and slope stability assessments, and determine construction materials to be used.

Our skills, geotechnical expertise and ground engineering experience include bulk earthworks design, earthworks materials engineering, road pavement materials engineering, building foundation design, bridge foundation design, road pavement design, road and rail embankments design, dam & storage pond embankment design, slope stability and seepage assessments and geosynthetic reinforced soil structures.

Our service offering includes:

  • Geotechnical investigations impact and solutions for construction projects and mining operations.
  • Design, Construction and Operational Management including development of scopes of work, project management plans, schedules, and specifications as well as cost estimation and control, tender preparation and assessment, personnel and consultant management, and site superintendence.
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring systems for verification, monitoring and performance management of construction and mining projects
  • Safe operational practices, verification activities and management practices for open pit, underground mines, and associated mine and civil infrastructure.