The digitalisation of the engineering, design and construction sectors is transforming our industry and providing significant benefits to our clients through a focus on supplier chain management, asset life cycle management, utilising the Internet of Things (IOT) and designing beyond 3D (Digital Twinning). At Wave we aim to appropriately utilise these advances to assist in the development of your project.

Life Cycle Management

By incorporating asset maintenance requirements early into the design stages Wave can utilise the latest asset life cycle tools to ensure that maintenance costs during the life of the asset are optimised with increased reliability and availability.

Digital Twinning

Digital Twinning is the replication of a physical asset with a complete virtual asset which can be completed either prior to construction for new assets or on an as built basis for existing assets. The use of a digital twin can improve design (clash detection, efficient material design), allow greater collaboration, aid constructability through modelling and simulations or simply ensure that you are positioned to capture the benefits of digitalisation into the future.