Our Response to COVID-19

With the evolving and escalating crisis brought about by COVID- 19 our thoughts reside with everyone who is either directly or indirectly impacted by these very challenging and in some cases dire circumstances.  We wish to particularly express our thanks to those across the healthcare and emergency response sectors who are working tirelessly to treat and contain this pandemic.  Whilst we are not healthcare providers we are focused to do our level best to assist in “flattening the curve” to reduce the burden where possible to those people on the frontline.

Over recent weeks Wave International’s  Executive Leadership Team and our Bio Security working group have been working diligently through this dynamic situation to help protect our people, clients and the broader community in which we live and work.


We are currently operating in smaller groups in accord with the sensible requirements for personnel separation and social distancing. Further to those requirements, a large proportion of our team is already working remotely offering our range of services.

Over recent weeks we have been globally “stress testing” our remote access protocols, security, communications and companywide systems so we remain confident to deploy further services under these arrangements.

Above all else we strive to protect the health and wellbeing of our team, clients and community in the delivery of our services.


As necessary we have staff deployed throughout our office network and our remote working environment which in all cases fall under Wave Systems and Wave Remote Work Practises.  Wave operates across many time zones and domiciles so our confidence in further deploying our local services remotely comes naturally to our team, so you can be confident with our delivery irrespective of where our personnel are deployed.  At present there are only business critical meetings held in person, with visitors to our offices admitted by appointment subject to meeting various health and safety requirements.

We are committed to work in concert with the directives of the various authorities we are governed by and as required we will vary our office based staff levels accordingly.


In keeping with our ongoing obligations to risk assess the current circumstances and employ the appropriate controls, we have prescribed travel, cleanliness and health and safety measures to ensure we remain available to safely assist our clients.

We remain appraised of the latest government and health advice for the various locations we work and we look to work closely with our clients should there be any requirements to alter prevailing arrangements.

We are acting in accordance with the Wave International  Bio Security Response Framework through our Executive Leadership team and our Bio Security working group whom regularly communicate and monitor the COVID situation.


Our objective is to minimise any disruptions to the services we offer and continue to assist our clients in a fearless, focused, positive and safe manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any queries or require assistance as we remain at your service. We sincerely wish you, your family, your neighbours and your respective teams safe receipt of this note and please be assured that together we will work through these trying times.

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