Consult Australia- Consulting Matters Autumn 2020 Edition

Consult Australia, Consulting Matters- Autumn 2020 Edition

Wave’s Kimberly Ports Authority: Wharf Extension Underdeck Access project is featured in Consult Australia’s quarterly online publication, Consulting Matters- New Constructs.

The case study article, written by Engineering Manager (WA), Lionel Trewhella, details the design and installation of an access system for the inspection and maintenance of the Broome Port Wharf in the northwest of WA.

This project came with its own unique set of challenges, arising from not only the design brief, but the operational environment and the contractor’s execution methodology.  However, and in Lionel’s own words,  “ a 3D design environment, innovative thinking and good engineering all contributed to the success of the project which achieved its design goals while solving numerous competing constraints”.

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