Woodchip Terminal


Wave was commissioned as Engineers and Project Managers in a full EPCM role for a truck to rail Woodchip Terminal to be constructed in Greenbushes, WA.

The project was part of a government initiative to reduce truck traffic on the South Western Highway between Manjimup and Bunbury. The project is currently pending government funding.

Working closely with the client, Waves responsibilities were to deliver:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Preliminary Capital Estimate;
  • Detailed Engineering;
  • Tender Process and Evaluation;
  • Fully Tendered construction package for submission to Government.

The client is to benefit from a reliable and long term supply chain to deliver its product from in forest and production facilities to their Bunbury Port export facility. Additionally, the local community is to benefit from reduced truck traffic through small towns and on a major highway.

Wave’s extensive knowledge of materials handling (with specific experience in woodchips), the local industry and contractors, and project scoping added value to the project in terms of a water tight construction package for Government approval.