Urban Renewal

Southern Africa
South African National Government

In many parts of the world, informal settlements have become established close to major cities – an understandable consequence of families moving to gain better access to work and economic opportunities.

These settlements may accommodate several thousand residents, usually without any formal planning or land ownership structure. Typically living conditions are poor, and essential services such as water, sewerage and electricity are absent, whilst other important community services such as schools, clinics and parks cannot be accessed.

The South African government, part of SADC, has initiated a major program to eradicate informal settlements through a subsidised housing program which aims to create three core outcomes for residents of these communities:

  • Secure land tenure.
  • Access to essential services.
  • Housing structures.

Projects are constructed on a labour intensive basis using local skills, ensuring that a large portion of the financial benefit is retained within the community.

By facilitating change the benefits extended beyond the simple act of housing the community, to improvement in all indicators of health, crime and employment. Another important consequence of the program is the stimulation of local micro economies by providing work opportunities to residents and freeing investment capital through the formalization of tenure and land rights.

Wave International brings together all the skills and expertise required to design and deliver successful housing improvement programs anywhere in the world. In particular:

  • Preparation of Business Plans to secure development finance.
  • Town Planning and Land Management.
  • Community and Stakeholder Facilitation.
  • Engineering Designs.
  • Community contractor establishment and management.
  • Construction and Materials management.