Salt Conveyor Upgrade

Shark Bay
McSweeney Partners Pty Ltd (MSP)

Detailed engineering design for new conveyors, upgraded equipment and new transfer stations at Shark Bay salt operations.

When Shark Bay Salt Resources took on joint venture partners Mitsui, numerous upgrade opportunities were identified.  Part of the upgrade was to simplify the existing process, still allowing for capacity of future expansion while bringing outdated equipment up to current specifications. 

Completion of detailed engineering design, construction and commissioning was required in a limited time frame due to the seasonal conditions and accessibility to labour services.

MSP provided Wave with the initial concept drawings for the extension of two existing conveyors, a new overland conveyor, transfer station and modifications to existing stacking conveyors. Wave then took the project from concept through detailed design to produce engineering drawings and shop detail drawings.

Wave’s experience with conveying systems was essential for providing advice to the client, and followed on from previous detailed conveyor analysis completed upstream of the 2008 conveyor upgrade project.

Wave’s previous conveyor analysis for Shark Bay Salt allowed them to incorporate proposed future changes at tie-in points into the 2008 conveyor upgrade project at minimal cost.

Wave developed a comprehensive conveyor specification and also worked with MSP and site personnel to develop other standard specifications.