Oil Export Facility

Wren Oil

Identification, selection, definition and execution phase studies including detailed design, project management and procurement for oil export facility.

In 2008 Wave took on the Wren Oil Export Facility Project at Bunbury Port Berth 8. Being a greenfields project the brief was to manage the approvals process, project development, site selection, design and construction project management. The function of the facility is to store and transfer recycled oil to ships for export. The project development and design process  included two 3.3 ML tanks with the option of installing a third, all of the associated piping required for truck unloading and ship loading, as well as the associated civil infrastructure for the site like pile foundations and reinforced concrete bund around the tanks.

Construction began in April 2010 and the site was commissioned in January 2011. The impressive end result is shown in the photo. The first shipment was loaded in March 2011 exactly in line with the original first shipment as scheduled at the start of the project in 2008.

Working closely with the client, Waves responsibilities were to deliver:

  • Plant concept works and capital estimates;
  • Project development including site selection, stakeholder consultation, project scoping, etc;
  • Management of approvals (DIA Section 18 approval and EPA approval);
  • Detailed design;
  • Project management during construction.