Multi-Fuel Cogen Plant

Worsley Alumina Refinery, Collie
AE&E;, Veolia Water Solutions and Technology, Press Construction

Working closely with various clients, Wave’s responsibilities were to deliver:

  • Design and supply of pipe-rack steelwork and piping
  • Design of skids
  • Design and shop detailing of tanks

Demineralised Water System

Wave undertook the structural design of the system consisting of a series of interconnected modular skids designed to remove suspended and dissolved solids from mains service water prior to use in gas turbine washing and cooling water makeup.  This included the pressure vessel design.


The pipe-rack complete with piping, which included superheated steam-lines were designed and supplied by Wave.


The scope included engineering design and drafting including the fabrication details of:

  • Two polished water tanks (11.9 m diameter x 22.4 m height);
  • Two condensate transfer tanks (7.6 m diameter x 11.0 m height).

Wave’s management of the overall 3D model ensured seamless integration between different work packages and client responsibilities.