Kwale Mineral Sands Project: Dam & TSF

South of Mombasa, Kenya
Base Resources Limited

Wave International was appointed by the client to be part of the integrated management team who is responsible for the overall implementation of the project.

The “integrated management team” approach was adopted to ensure that “best of breed” expertise is applied to what are technically diverse and effectively separate project elements and risk is more effectively minimized and managed. The six contract packages, each covered by an EPCM contract, are:

  • CP1 – Processing Plants
  • CP2 – Marine Facilities
  • CP3 – Power Line
  • CP4 – Mukurumudzi Dam
  • CP5 – Tailings Storage Facility

Wave’s involvement in the Kwale Project include:

  • Developing the implementation strategy for the project with the client;
  • Setting up the project office structure, team and project execution plan;
  • Developing and maintaining the overall project controls systems and procedures (cost-, schedule- and documentation-control);
  • Review the work done by the CP1: Process Plant EPCM contractor;
  • Procurement of the CP2: Marine Facility EPCM contractor and CP3: Power Line EPC contractor;
  • Delivering CP4: Mukurumudzi Dam and CP5: Tailings Storage Facility as EPCM contractor;
  • Review and provide technical guidance to the CP6: Access Road EPCM contractor;
  • Delivering the EPCM services for the borefield pumps and pielines.CP6 – Access Road and temporary facilities.

Time Frame:     2011 – current date

Contract Type: EPCM

Project Value:  A$25m