Kwale Mineral Sands Project: Haul Road

South of Mombasa, Kenya
Base Resources Limited

Wave International was appointed as the clients engineer to oversee the design and construction of an 8km sealed haul road required as part of the development of the Kwale Mineral Sands project in Kenya.

The construction of the 8km haul road had to be fast tracked to ensure construction access was available for the movement of large pre-fabricated modules during the process plant construction stage and had to be scheduled in such a manner that the works could proceed without disruption during two annual wet seasons that occur on the east coast of Kenya.  As part of the local content requirements, Wave was responsible for the management and review of a team of local consulting engineers during the design and construction phase of the project. Wave’s scope included the provision of technical guidance for the identification and selection of suitable material borrows pits, pavement design and geometric design review. Wave also did the hydrology and drainage design required for two large ephemeral flood crossings.