Curragh Mine North - Haul Road

Curragh North Mine, Queensland
Wesfarmers Curragh

Wave International was appointed as the engineers for the design and construction management of the Curragh S-Pit haul road project.

The project entailed the design of 7km of new mine haul road suitable for 350t coal haul trucks and also included the design of a large conveyor and road overpasses, road drainage diversions and flood levees.  The overpass design and construction was challenging as the overpass had to be constructed over an existing overland conveyor that had to remain in operation throughout construction without any long term disruptions or shut-downs. This required innovative design and construction planning to achieve.

The project was undertaken under strict environmental conditions that would have shut down mine operations if an environmental breach occurred. Despite severe weather conditions, the project was completed without any environmental breach events.

The haul road, overpass and levee systems was successfully completed in 2011 and placed into operation.