600T Silo Project


The project involved the relocation and modification of two existing silos, to achieve 600T storage capacity, installation of a “Sicon” teardrop bely conveyor, and brownfields tie ins to the existing process plant.

Wave’s involvement started very early in the project, providing structural design services for the silos and gantry structures. As the project progressed, Wave provided project:

  • Project management support (project execution plan, project health safety management plan)
  • Project controls support (cost estimate, cost control, interface with client financial system, scheduling).
  • Construction management.
  • Detailed structural and mechanical design (including safety in design workshops, 3D laser scanning, and shop detailing).

The project involved deconstruction, greenfields construction and brownfields tie ins. Fitment and constructability were therefore of critical importance to the project, where Wave’s expertise in brownfields design, laser scanning and safety in design processes added significant value.